Instagram Account HACKED!: How Can I Solve This Problem?

Instagram Account HACKED!: How Can I Solve This Problem?

How can I prove who I am?

After attempting all of the aforementioned steps to recover your hacked Instagram account, you should contact Instagram support for additional assistance. You'll need to demonstrate your ownership of the account when you do, though. Instagram offers two choices to users:

  1. You can send the business a video selfie if you have pictures of yourself on your Instagram account.
  2. You must substantiate your ownership of any images on your account if there are none of you in them. You can check the email address or phone number you used to register, as well as the type of device you used (such as an iPhone, Android, computer, etc.).

What should I do if I am unable to access my Instagram email?

You'll need access to the email address listed on your Instagram account if you need to reclaim access to your account. You must either update your email on your account in accordance with Instagram's rules or make an effort to regain access to that email account.

Unfortunately, Instagram won't let you access your Instagram profile if you can't get back into your email account.

When I try to complete the Video Verification steps, I keep getting an error? Anything else I can do?

It's no secret that Instagram's method for verifying videos has problems. Many users express frustration over error messages and process failure.

Try using a different device as a starting point. Instead of using a phone to fix the problem, many users have used computers. If you've previously used this additional device with your Instagram account, all the better.

Another option is to close the Instagram app, check to see if it's the most recent version, and then open it again with a strong internet connection. Then try the verification procedures once more.

Maintain Account Security for Instagram

You're one of the lucky ones if someone hacked your Instagram account and you were able to take it back. Especially if you involve Instagram's Support Team, the experience can frequently turn into a protracted and uncertain wait. Make sure to protect your account with a strong password and two-factor verification to avoid falling victim to malicious attacks. Additionally, never click on links or offers that seem fraudulent or too good to be true.

Search for the Instagram email in your mail

Did you receive an email stating that your email address "[email protected]" has changed? If so, you can reverse the effect. Just click the "secure your account here" link at the bottom of the message.

Requesting a login link

Instagram has several ways to confirm you are the account owner because the social media platform takes account hacking seriously. One of them involves sending a login link to your email or phone.

This is how to make this proposal:

  • Get to the Instagram login screen by navigating.


  • If you use an Android phone, choose "Get help logging in." If you're using an iPhone or a web browser, click "Forgot password?."


  • Insert the username, email address, and phone number connected to the compromised account.


  • Tap on the Send Login Link


  • If you're having trouble remembering any of the details from Step 3, click "Need more help?" under the "Next" tap and follow the on-screen directions.

  • Find the desired where you want the login link to be sent. Your phone or email may be involved.


  • Then choose "Send Login Link.”
  • From your phone's (SMS) or email's login link, adhere to the instructions.

Verifying Identity

You'll automatically receive an email from Instagram's support team if you submit a verification request for an account that doesn't contain any photos of you. The device you used to create your account, along with your email address or phone number, will be requested of you (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

The Support Team will request to send a selfie video of you trying to turn your head in different directions if your Instagram contains images of yourself. They can determine if you are the true owner of your account using this technique.

After reviewing your request, Instagram will reply to you as soon as the confirmation is finished. You can always make another request if the first one is denied.

How to stop future hacking attempts

Use a strong password with at least one uppercase letter letter, numerals, symbols, etc., how often have you heard that advice? While a strong password is a necessary building block for keeping your Instagram account secure, it frequently takes more. Enabling two-factor authentication is the best way to stop your Instagram profile from being hacked once more.

Make Two-Factor Authentication available

Every time you log in from a new device, this strong security tool prompts you to enter a passcode from an app or sends the password to your mobile device. Therefore, even if a hacker gains access to your account using your password from another device, they will still need to access the SMS inbox on your phone to obtain the code. Due to this, it is practically impossible for the attacker to succeed.

Visit your Instagram's "Security" page, select "Two-Factor Authentication," and then follow the on-screen directions to enable two-factor authentication.

Keep Away of Phishers

You can view any correspondence you receive from Instagram by using the useful feature "Emails from Instagram" on the platform. Every time you suspect someone is attempting to access your account by sending you emails that appear to be from Instagram, use this feature. Hackers may misinform you and tell you that your account is being attempted to be accessed and that you need to change your password right away. Go to "Settings," "Security," and "Emails from Instagram" to see if the email was sent by Instagram.

All of the emails the platform has sent you in the last two weeks are listed under the "Security" tab. At the same time you can review our packages related to buy instagram followers.