How to Start Instagram Blog

How to Start Instagram Blog

You'll be relieved to learn that starting an Instagram blog with no prior experience is simple. Because Instagram captions can only be 2,200 characters long, as opposed to no limit on other blogging platforms, Instagram blogging is microblogging. With 15,000 active followers, Instagram bloggers can earn about $200 per sponsored post.

A lot of people start an Instagram blog with the goal of immediately making sales. If achieving this is your goal, Wordpress can help you get started. It is the simplest to set up, and there are no costs involved until a sale is made. This is ideal for Instagram bloggers who don't have months to devote to developing a comprehensive ecommerce site. Start right now for zero cost.

1.First step, Create an Instagram account

In just a few minutes, you can open a free Instagram account. The most time-consuming step is deciding what you want your username to be. Keep in mind that you can modify your username at any time, unlike other social media platforms. To develop a personal brand, many people choose to use their full name as a username.

In just a few steps, create an Instagram account:

  • Download the Instagram app from the App Store or Google Play (Android) (iPhone).
  • Tap the Instagram icon to launch it after installation.
  • If you're using an Android device, register with your phone number or email address. Create an Account on an iPhone before entering your phone number. You'll receive a text message with a verification code. By selecting your Facebook login, you can also use a single-sign-on alternative.
  • A prompt to create a username and password will then appear.
  • If you don't want anyone other than your friends and family to be able to read your blog, make sure to have a public profile rather than a private one.

2.Choose the niche you enjoy for your Instagram blog

Giving your audience what they've grown accustomed to is the key to achieving steady growth when learning how to start an Instagram blog.

If you post a sponsored ad for a recliner on Instagram as a travel blogger, you risk confusing your followers and losing their subscription. You can tell visitors to your blog exactly what kind of content they will receive if they follow you by selecting a niche for your Instagram blog.

It's crucial that you choose a niche after giving it some thought. Although you can alter your focus later, your audience will become perplexed if you do.

Before choosing a more specific niche like travel or parenting, some Instagram bloggers begin with a broad category like a lifestyle blog. It's also critical to recognize that a lot of Instagram bloggers eventually start a blog on a website, where there are no character restrictions.

The main ones of these niches:


An Instagram blog with a lifestyle theme frequently publishes photos and posts of ordinary activities, interests, or insights. Instead of posting anything and everything they like, these bloggers tend to focus on a small number of categories. A lifestyle blogger might write about family, travel, food, and money, for instance.

Brand collaborations are a well-liked method for Instagram lifestyle bloggers to make money off of their content. These brand collaborations frequently involve sponsored posts, in which an Instagrammer is compensated for creating a still image or video about a product. They occasionally participate in affiliate programs with various brands and receive a commission for any sales referrals.


Food bloggers can be found on Instagram in a variety of niches. Bloggers cover topics like baking, grilling, sous vide, and confections. There are bloggers who specialize in particular diets, such as gluten-free, keto, and paleo. Some bloggers also decide to highlight meals they've had while traveling or just meals from a particular area, like food carts in New York City.

Instagram food bloggers can earn money from their blogs by working with brands, penning cookbooks, or designing their own kitchen utensils.

3.Niche about money

Instagram money bloggers cover a wide range of monetary subjects in their writing. Personal finance, credit cards, debt repayment, earning money, investing, and even investment-specific niches like forex or cryptocurrencies are among these topics.

Through collaborations, sponsored posts, and affiliate links, bloggers can make money. Popular money bloggers have developed their own resources, including planners and budget binders. Membership sites, coaching, consulting, and online courses are other well-liked monetization techniques for money bloggers.

3. At the beginning of all this, you need to do: Create a fascinating bio.

create instagram account

An Instagram bio is a brief paragraph of text that appears in your Instagram profile, just below your photo. Users can view your profile, photo, and all of your posts on Instagram by visiting your profile. Users go there to follow you as well.

Within 150 characters, you have the chance to tell everyone who you are, what you believe in, and who you serve. It's your chance to make a good first impression, so put some thought into creating an engaging bio.

As an Instagram blogger, it's crucial for you to give potential followers a sneak peek into what to expect from you.

If they are a business or want someone to contact them about collaboration opportunities, some users opt to share their contact information, such as an email address or phone number. Some people would rather share a quotation, their location, and perhaps even some interests.

Whatever you decide to highlight in your bio, keep in mind to adjust it for your niche and target market. You are more likely to draw followers who are similar to you and want to engage with your content when you are very clear about who you are.

4.Fascinating Images!

Instagram is a beautiful app and we certainly love using it because of its level of convenience. But it's important to remember that the images you chose to share are more important here than any kind of caption you could write, even though captions do get their fair amount of attention.

When you have designed a logo or an Instagram profile that looks distinctive enough, people will recognize your brand before they ever look at your pictures just by identifying what they see as representative of your brand, regardless if it is branded content or not.