How to Get Your Videos Trending on Instagram

How to Get Your Videos Trending on Instagram

Videos are a great way to share your life with friends and family, and Instagram is one of the best platforms for doing so. But what if you want to take your video sharing to the next level and get your videos trending?

In this blog post, we'll give you some tips on how to get your videos trending on Instagram. We'll also discuss some of the features of trending videos on Instagram, and how easy it is to enter for a chance to have your video featured.

Tips for Getting Your Videos to Trend on Instagram.

If you want your videos to trend on Instagram, you need to use relevant and popular hashtags. This will help ensure that your videos are seen by a wider audience, and it will also help you to get more views and engagement. There are a few different ways to find popular hashtags. One way is to use a hashtag research tool like Hashtagify or Keyhole. Another way is to look at the top posts for a particular hashtag and see what other hashtags are being used.

Time Your Posts Carefully.

Another tip for getting your videos to trend on Instagram is to time your posts carefully. This means posting when there is less competition from other users, and when more people are likely to be online and using the app. The best times to post on Instagram are typical during the weekdays from 9 am-5 pm EST. However, this will vary depending on your specific audience and niche. Experiment with different times and days of the week until you find what works best for you.

Post Content that is Engaging and Unique.

In order for your videos to trend on Instagram, they need to be engaging and unique. This means that your content should be interesting enough to capture people's attention, and it should also be something that they haven't seen before or that isn't widely available elsewhere. One way to make sure your content is unique is to create original video footage instead of reposting someone else's content or using stock footage. You can also add creative touches like filters, graphics, or music to make your videos stand out from the rest.

Use Instagram Stories.

A great way to get your videos to trend on Instagram is to use the platform's Stories feature. This allows you to post short, ephemeral videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can use this feature to give people a behind-the-scenes look at your brand or business, or to share sneak peeks of new products or upcoming events. Stories are also a great way to humanize your brand and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Collaborate with Other Users.

Finally, another tip for getting your videos to trend on Instagram is to collaborate with other users. This means finding other users in your niche or industry who have a similar audience to you and then working together to create joint content. This can be done by guest posting on each other's blogs, doing a Q&A session on Instagram Stories, or even just sharing each other's content. Collaborating with other users is a great way to reach a new audience and get more views and engagement on your videos.

Features of trending videos on Instagram


There are a number of reasons why your Reels videos might not be trending on Instagram. One reason could be that you're not using relevant, popular hashtags Another reason could be that you're not posting at optimal times Additionally, your content might not be engaging or unique enough to capture users' attention

Finally, you might not be taking advantage of Instagram Stories or collaborating with other users

If you're unsure why your Reels videos aren't trending, we recommend trying out different strategies and seeing what works best for you and your audience.

Why am I still not famous on Instagram?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as becoming "famous" on Instagram requires different things for different people. However, some tips that may help include regularly posting high-quality content, being active in the comments section of popular posts, and following/interacting with other users who have a similar number of followers as you do. Additionally, try to post at times when you know your target audience is most active on the platform.

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Is it easy to enter for reels on Instagram?

Entering the world of Instagram Reels can be daunting at first. However, once you get a hang of it, it can be an easy and fun way to share your creativity with the world. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Choose Your Topic

The first step is to choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that you think others will find interesting. It could be anything from fashion and beauty tips to cooking or fitness hacks. Once you’ve chosen your topic, brainstorm some ideas for videos that you can make.

Film Your Videos

Once you have some ideas for videos, it’s time to start filming! If you don’t have any professional equipment, don’t worry – you can film your videos on your phone using the camera app. Just make sure that the lighting is good and that the sound is clear.

Edit Your Videos

Once you’ve filmed your videos, it’s time to edit them! Again, if you don’t have any professional software, there are some great editing apps that you can use for free on your phone. Just experiment with different effects until you find something that looks good.

Add Music and Text

Adding music and text can really help to make your videos more engaging and visually appealing. There are millions of songs available on Instagram Reels, so take some time to browse through them and find something that fits your video. You can also add text by selecting the ‘Text’ option when editing your video.

Share Your Video!

Once you’re happy with your video, it’s time to share it with the world! You can share your video as a post or story on Instagram, or you can upload it directly to Instagram Reels. If you want people to see your video, make sure to use relevant hashtags and tag any relevant accounts in your caption.

As a result

If you want your videos to trend on Instagram, then you need to use relevant, popular hashtags, time your posts carefully, post engaging and unique content, use Instagram Stories, and collaborate with other users.

Keep in mind that trending videos on Instagram typically have certain features that make them stand out from the rest. If you're still not seeing results, don't give up – keep trying and you'll eventually get there!