Delete Instagram Account: 2022 Guide

Delete Instagram Account: 2022 Guide

It isn't as quick or simple to delete Instagram as it ought to be, whether you've decided to do so because you no longer require a particular Instagram account or because its parent company Meta is stirring up controversy once more.Even the Instagram app itself couldn't do it until recently.

You are welcome to post the necessary "I'm deleting Instagram" message right away. There are then two options available to you.

1.Delete Account 2.Temporarily Suspend Account

1.How should Android&İOS users delete their account?

Using the app is the simplest method for Iphone owners to delete Instagram. To do this,

1.Go to your profile, select Settings from the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

2.After that, select Account and navigate to the bottom of the menu.

3.Underneath the Branded Content button, there would be a Delete Account button.

You can learn more about those other options in the section of this how-to titled "Temporarily suspending your Instagram account" if you have it. If you have it, tapping on it will bring up the menu asking if you really want to delete or deactivate your account. A message stating that you can stop the deletion process through logging back in by a specific date will appear when you click the Delete account button.

When you click the red "Continue deleting account" button, the app launches a website. After responding to a question about why you're doing so and entering your password to confirm, you can finish the deletion process here.

According to Apple's policies, Instagram's iOS app must allow you to delete your account. The feature hasn't always been accessible on the Android version of the app during our testing. If you don't see it, you'll need to use the web. You could indeed check for the Delete Account option by using the above instructions for iOS. If you decide to stop deleting your account and grow it, you can review our Instagram follower packages.

2.How to delete your Instagram account via any browser?

You must visit Instagram's specific page for requesting account deletion, which is accessible here or by clicking the link in the help article for account deletion on Instagram. You'll need to enter your credentials if you're not already logged into Instagram again for web (the majority of users won't be). In fact, it's likely that you'll need to enter your password twice while the file is being deleted, so you should probably review it right away.

The old Instagram icon and a dropdown box asking why you want to close your account should appear on the final page. Depending on the option you select, you might see a variety of links to Instagram's help center that promise to solve your problems or a message that kindly advises you to double-check which account you're deleting.

Whichever option you select, a box asking you to re-enter your passcode will be located below the links. When you're finished, tap or click the "Delete (your account name)" button to be certain you want to do it.


Your data won't be immediately deleted, as Instagram mentions several weeks back on the account deletion page; Meta will retain it for 30 days. Your posts and profile, however, won't be visible to other users.


Your data won't be immediately deleted, as Instagram mentions several weeks back on the account deletion page; Meta will retain it for 30 days. Your posts and profile, however, won't be visible to other users.

  • Once Instagram is open, click the "profile icon" inside the bottom right corner.

  • In the top right corner, tap the "hamburger icon" (Menu), and then tap "Settings" in the center.

  • After choosing "Security," tap "Download Data."

  • Then click "Request Download" and enter your "email address."

Instagram will send a complete file of your account to the e - mail address you provided via email within 48 hours. Your pictures, comments, profile details, and anything else you might need access to in the future are all included in the email. Even if you believe you won't ever need this information again, taking this step will ensure that your information is safe if you ever need to view it. You'll completely lose your data if you don't do this, and you'll never get it back.

How to recover your Instagram account without being deleted?

Be aware that if it has been more than 30 days since you asked Instagram to delete your account, you won't be able to restore it. You will need to create a new account because your old one will be deleted and your username might already have been taken.

However, you can get your account back and all of its posts and direct messages if you still have 30 days left on your subscription. Simply return to Instagram and log in there to accomplish this. You'll see a message stating that you asked to have your account deleted and stating the date on which your data will be lost. You only need to click the "Keep Account" button to prevent that.

How do you temporarily close your Instagram account?

If you want your Instagram account to be temporarily disabled, you can follow these steps:

  • Signing in to, navigate to your profile and select Edit Profile from the menu (if using a mobile browser, tap the settings cog to reveal the option).

  • The option to temporarily disable my account will be at the bottom of the page under Edit Profile. You must enter your password and choose a reason for suspending your account, just like when you delete it.