5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Are you looking for ways to increase your Instagram engagement? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll share five simple tips that will help you get more likes, comments, and shares on your posts. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming an Instagram superstar!

What do we mean by Instagram engagement?

Engagement on Instagram can be defined as the level of interaction between a user and Instagram content. This interaction can be in the form of likes, comments, shares, and views. A high level of engagement indicates that users are interested in the content and are willing to interact with it.

A high level of engagement is important for businesses because it shows that users are interested in the content. This can lead to more sales and more customers. Additionally, a high level of engagement can also lead to more followers and more people talking about the business.

What is a good Instagram engagement rate?

A good Instagram engagement rate is one that is high enough to show that your content is resonating with your audience, but low enough that it doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard. The ideal engagement rate will vary depending on your industry and audience, but a good rule of thumb is an engagement rate of 1-2%.

If your engagement rate is below 1%, you may want to consider ways to make your content more engaging. This could mean using more hashtags, asking questions in your captions, or using more engaging visuals. If your engagement rate is above 2%, you may be trying too hard to get likes and comments, which can come across as desperate. Try scaling back on your hashtags, or using more casual language in your captions.

Get to know your audience

Your audience is the group of people who you are trying to communicate with. To effectively communicate with your audience, you need to understand them. Consider what they need and want to know, and what their level of understanding is. Try to put yourself in their shoes, and think about how you can make your message clear and interesting to them.

Your audience will be more likely to engage with your message if you make it personal and relatable to them. Find ways to connect with them on a personal level, and share stories and examples that they can relate to. When you make a connection with your audience, they will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Make sure to also tailor your message to the specific situation. Consider the time, place, and context in which you are communicating, and adjust your message accordingly. For example, you would likely give a different presentation to a group of potential investors than you would to your friends at a party. Keep your audience in mind at all times, and adjust your communication accordingly.

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Share great images

Share great images to help tell your brand’s story and connect with your customers. High-quality images are essential for any website or blog, and can help you stand out on social media. But where can you find free, high-quality stock photos?

There are a few great sites that offer free stock photos. Two of our favorites are Unsplash and Pexels. Both sites offer a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality photos that you can use for your website or blog.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement.

Use attractive visuals

Your photos should be high quality and visually appealing. People are more likely to engage with photos that are aesthetically pleasing, so make sure your images are well-composed and eye-catching.

In addition to using attractive visuals, you can also use video content to increase engagement on your Instagram page. Videos tend to be more engaging than static images, so consider incorporating them into your content strategy.

Use engaging captions

Your photo caption is the perfect opportunity to engage with your followers and encourage them to comment or like your post. Ask questions, tell a story, or make a joke – anything that will get people talking.

And don’t forget to use hashtags! Hashtags are a great way to reach new people and get more eyes on your content. Just be sure to use relevant hashtags that will resonate with your target audience.

Use relevant hashtags

As mentioned above, hashtags are a great way to reach new people and get more eyes on your content. But it’s important to use relevant hashtags that will resonate with your target audience. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, you might want to use hashtags like #ootd (outfit of the day) or #styleinspo (style inspiration).

Use @mentions and tagging

Mentioning other users in your posts is a great way to get their attention – and their followers' attention too! When you mention someone in a post, they'll receive a notification about it, which is likely to prompt them to check out your account (and maybe even give you a follow). Similarly, tagging other users in photos is also a great way to increase engagement and reach new audiences.

Host giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests are always popular on social media – who doesn’t love free stuff? Hosting a giveaway or contest is a great way to increase engagement on your Instagram page while also growing your following. Make sure to promote your giveaway or contest across all of your social channels for maximum reach.

To sum up, increasing engagement on your Instagram page doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these simple tips, you can encourage more people to interact with your content and help grow your following.


If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, there are a few simple things you can do. Use attractive visuals, engaging captions, relevant hashtags, @mentions and tagging, and host giveaways and contests. These are all great ways to get more people interested in your account and what you have to say.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips today and see your engagement levels soar!